Meet Valerie

valerie-aboutAfter decorating countless spaces for friends and family and managing one too many personal remodeling projects, including designing more than a handful of vintage and one-of-a-kind custom decorative pieces, Valerie decided to professionally pursue her long-time passion for design by starting her own interior design and home décor business. reStyled by Valerie Interiors and Furniture Boutique was established in 2012.

As it relates to her design sensibility, Valerie identifies most with the post-modern movement because of its refusal to conform to any particular standards. She relies instead on her natural affinity for design basing her choices more on the unique functional, emotional and social aspects of the project in question.

Background and Inspiration

Valerie was born and raised in Nigeria, and credits her love for color, pattern and texture to this fact. Before starting her business, she earned her BSBA in Marketing and an MBA. She was All But Dissertation (ABD) in a PhD in Adult Learning and Development before taking time off to start a family. According to her, "having kids made me a PhD drop-out and led me on my current path and I’m thankful for that each day”.

Valerie draws inspiration from her background and travels, nature, art, movies, fashion, and her life as a wife and mom of three. She identifies her favorite style as "an eclectic mix of mid century modern, ethnic Bohemian and girlie glam”. My ideal room would have loads of white, spots of bright yellow, blush pink, and a few other pops of color here and there. It will have a cool light fixture, some exposed brick and natural wood, bold art, and elements that are decidedly African. It would feature all my favorite things, things that are familiar to me because I believe a well designed space is one that is functional and personality filled, causing you happy feelings each time you encounter it”.

With regards to my line of decor, my focus is on designs that will introduce the world to what I like to describe as contemporary world-chic design. These are pieces inspired by my background as a modern African woman living in a global world"

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