Mid Century Bexley Home

The owners of this historic mid century home tasked me with designing a functional modern space keeping in mind the home's sleek lines and uniqueness. 

Clients Words

"We were moving from a more traditional home in Pittsburgh to a mid century modern home in Columbus. My husband and I had never used an interior designer before, but were feeling a bit daunted by the challenge of purchasing furniture for this home so we set up an appointment to meet with Valerie after finding her on Houzz. We immediately loved her vibrant personality and direct manner and decided to partner with her on the work we wanted to have done. Valerie is extremely candid with her opinions, but at the same time is responsive to an owner's design aesthetic. She is also very frugal with her client's money which we very much appreciated. 

Because we ended up swapping out some old flooring in one room, redoing the wooden flooring that covered most of her large first floor, and doing some painting, electrical, and carpentry work in addition to purchasing furniture, Valerie basically served as our general contractor. She identified people to perform all of these jobs and oversaw the work under her design. She would scout out furniture for us, and even would travel to stores and make purchases on our behalf. She worked wonderfully with my children as well as their rooms were redone as part of the process. Rather than wade through lots of fabric or tile samples, she would bring us a few samples that she had pre-selected for us to look at. It was a huge savings of time. Valerie also kept the process moving and made sure that we finished the design (i.e., bought art and put it up on the walls, etc.) which we have always been very bad at doing in the past. She even helped find a carpenter to build us the right media console when we couldn't find one in the dimensions we needed. Because Valerie negotiated excellent rates with all of the contractors who did work on our home, and could get a designer discount at some retailers, her fees didn't end up adding hugely to the total cost and were well worth it because we are thrilled with our new look. We would definitely use her again and recommend her highly!"