The Four F’s – Steps to Designing Your Perfect Room

The Four F’s – Steps to Designing Your Perfect Room

Happy New Year yeah… we made it! So as part of my new year’s resolutions I have decided to become more active on social media beginning with blogging and this first post on the steps to designing your perfect room. So the plan is to post more frequently on the various social media sites I’m active on, and to add on a few more platforms too including YouTube and Podcasting (nervous smile) stay tuned for those updates. As for the blog, the plan is to post weekly and to keep the posts focused on the things I love and know which is somewhat limited to interior design and decorating and food. But I do reserve the right to bore you with details in the event that my life takes a super exciting turn so be sure to subscribe and follow along because I can’t wait to meet you.

Today’s post is the first of a two part post focusing on what I consider the foundation of good interior design, namely the four F’s or steps to designing your perfect room. These steps are applicable to every room and in every interior design context so be sure to bookmark or save this article for future reference. What are they then you ask? They are Feeling, Function, Form and Fun.


African Interior Design

Feeling: – In this step you outline what feelings you want your space to convey.  In my opinion this is the most important element in the design process because it clarifies your vision for the entire space and will help set the tone and direction for the rest of the process and your furnishing and decorative choices. For example in designing my family room pictured above, I knew that I wanted the room to feel welcoming and vibrant and reminiscent of my African background so i kept those keywords aka “feelings” in mind as I decided on everything else.


Kids Playroom Decorating Idea

Function:- In this step you list out all the things you want to be able to do in the room. I suggest you take your time with this step and try to envision all what you would love to be able to do in this room and then write it all down. For my kids playroom shown above I knew that I wanted a space that reflected their currents interest in arts & crafts, a space without too much clutter and ample floor space for play, a place for me to seat down and just generally a space where I could showcase their development and achievements.


Pop Up Shop Decor

Form: – Another crucial step in the design process, form is the stage you plan the layout of your space based on the functions you previous outlined. This is were reality sets in and we edit our functional needs accordingly based on the limitations the space presents. For instance, this is the stage in the design process we acknowledge that our room can’t function as a nursery, an occasional guest bedroom, a home office and a playroom because it is not just big enough and there are not enough windows so that by demarcating a space for the play area, we reduce the amount of natural light we need for a functional desk/workspace and an alternate layout of this play spaces brings the kids too close to your desk and the baby’s crib were quite is needed. In other words the playroom function is a no go. Another reason this step is crucial is because no matter how beautiful your pieces are and how well thought out the function of the space is, unless the layout is efficient so that things are easily accessible and the functions easily carried out, your space can’t be considered well designed. The picture above is from my 2014 pop up shop held at a local coffee shop in Columbus. To achieve effective form in this space, the space needed to function as a shop and a casual hangout spot for my guests, with enough display opportunities for my products while maintaining an independent checkout station and an open circulatory pathway so shoppers could move around without bumping into each other and the exit was easily accessible. It was a lot to ask of such a small space but with careful planning I think I made it work.


Contemporary African Interior Decor

Fun:- Our final step is probably the most popular stage in the process and for good reason because it’s the stage we get to go out and assemble and buy all the fun stuff we need to achieve that dream space we visualize. During this step it is important to keep in mind the role each element you choose to incorporate into your design, has in the overall vision of your space. The goal is for all the elements to come together to achieve that feeling you want without being too predictable or matchy-matchy. For this step I always say trust your gut and rely heavily on how each item makes you feel because design is an art so to each his own. In the room above the furnishings and decor were all selected to illicit a feeling of history and travel reminiscent of the clients of cultural background and experiences.

So now we have the foundational elements of a perfectly designed space, come back next week as I build on each of these elements bringing us one step closer to your perfect space. Don’t forget to subscribe, on the right, so you remain in the know ;).


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